4 Reasons to Locate Your Tech Startup in Austin

Looking for a place to launch – or relocate – your tech startup? Home to Dell, Oracle, Apple, and many other tech titans that have established offices there, Austin, Texas offers everything you need to inspire business growth, innovation – and a lucrative exit for you as the founder one day.

No one knows this better than we do. Our team’s roots in the dynamic Austin tech industry run deep. As former founders of our own SaaS startup, MineralSoft, we understand the widespread benefits of Austin’s fast-growing economy and vast pool of talent.

And when we set up ScaleView Partners, we knew Austin was just the right market for our tech-focused investment banking services.

Here’s why Austin is our home – and why you should consider making it yours.

1) Tech Geniuses Love Austin 

Austin is a city teeming with creators. In fact, Austin Chamber of Commerce data reveals that the University of Texas at Austin ranks 9th globally for “producing the most venture capital-backed founders” among its undergraduates.

And additional Chamber sources rank Austin in the top 10 nationally and top 25 globally for its startup ecosystem. Cybersecurity and cleantech are among the region’s hottest sectors.

2) The Marketplace Is Exploding with Opportunities 

Research by The Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise shows that Austin is our nation’s second fastest growing metropolitan economy. And for good reason. Professionally speaking, Austin offers something for everyone. As noted by the city’s Chamber, Austin is progressive – yet entrepreneurial. Pro-business and pro-environment. Hardworking and easy going.

We have found the area to embody the best American culture has to offer. City life revolves around dynamic music, sports, dining, and entertainment scenes. And for all you Gen Zers out there, the Internet has never been faster.

Plus, there’s just so much to do outdoors. Rolling hills and waterways abound. Hiking and biking trails traverse the region. While the summers may be hot, the weather is generally mild the rest of the year.

3) Amazing Tax Advantages 

It’s true. Texas has no corporate income tax and no individual income tax, either. This makes it very economical to set up a business here and attractive for employees to relocate to the region. The city of Austin offers additional incentives for new and growing businesses as well, with local governmental and economic development organizations working “hand-in-hand to develop competitive incentive packages for qualified companies.”

4) Access to Capital 

When it comes to M&A activity and growth equity fundraising, Austin is a founder’s paradise. For example, the city’s unique “Opportunity Austin” initiative is dedicated to attracting investors to the region and connecting them with local business owners who are looking to fund headcount. The project has been so successful that it has generated 571,600 new jobs since 2004, adding $43 billion in regional payroll over the years.

But it is more than government incentives that attracts investment to Austin. The VC community simply appreciates the future outlook for the region, and that the building blocks are already in place to drive a new generation of disruptors.

In fact, Crowdfund Capital Advisors has named Austin the nation’s Number One up-and-coming city for startups based on “startup funding, the number of fundraising campaigns, the average valuation for companies, the number of investors into fundraising rounds, campaign success, and industry diversity.”

While investors are drawn to this exciting business community, we know that navigating the twists and turns of M&A transactions can be complicated for younger founders.

We’re Here to Help 

With more attention than ever on the local tech scene, you need access to specialized M&A advisory services from experts who’ve been there. That’s why we started ScaleView Partners.

So, when it’s time to move on to your next venture, be sure to choose your advisory partners well – and plan your exit in a way that rewards all your investments, risk, and hard work – and leaves your business in good hands for years to come.

Looking for guidance on your next step? Still not sure what your next step is? Talk to one of our partners today.